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Video Chat Roulette is conquering the online dating scene

Don’t we all know the feeling? You get home after a long day of work and have an entire night by yourself to spend. Cooking, eating and washing dishes only takes so long. You turn on the television, but nothing interesting seems to be on. More news reports about what Prince Laurent has done or king Philip has said, more political struggles between Prime Minister Michel and NVA, that you really don’t care about, more shows that you have already seen a million times, more romantic scenes that make you feel lonely. You turn the television off and realize that you really just want a good conversation before going to bed. You start thinking about a way to find someone you don’t yet know, who you can talk to and google something like “random chat, Belgium, video chat” and get a bunch of results. None of these dating websites offer a face to face conversation with people, only distant chatting programs, which again, is not what you’re looking for. And then, you finally find it, the website that answers all of your demands, developed by people that seem to be able to read your mind:

Free Webcam Chat: No hidden costs answers all of your demands and offers even more than you could dream of. It is the only dating site in Belgium that offers completely free chatting and free dating online in Belgium. All you do is go to the website and enter a random chat. You will be matched with people from all over the world, that you are then free to talk to about whatever you want. And yes, it really is free. All you do is go to, enter a random chat, turn on your webcam to have a video chat, and you will be able to talk to people from all over the world. No hidden drama, no hidden tricks, no hidden costs.

It’s PERSONAL: No miscommunications

So, other than being free, what is the biggest advantage to using over other dating websites in Belgium? Well, one of them is definitely the fact that you can video chat with whoever you’re talking to, like you can on Omegle or Chatroulette. Because an actual smile on someone’s face is so much more meaningful than a “LOL” on your computer screen.

It’s SAFE: No hidden dangers

By meeting on video chat right away, you know exactly who it is you are talking to. So, on top of the already established no hidden drama, no hidden costs and no hidden tips and tricks, we can also guarantee you no risk of getting hurt by a catfish.

Conclusion: Visit the website

So, let’s look at all of the advantages we’ve established for you so far: no hidden tips or tricks, no hidden drama, no hidden costs, no hidden dangers, no miscommunications, no people you don’t want to talk to, and no childish constraints. We don’t make you sign up and save all your information to sell to the highest bidder, we don’t make you answer a million questions or download a bunch of software before you sign up, we don’t ask for credit card information or make you pay to use certain features, we avoid miscommunications between people by allowing them to talk face to face in video chat rather than only through words on a random chat, we don’t allow people to hurt you by using a false identity and catfishing you. Sounds like a pretty perfect online dating and video chat site, doesn’t it? Now if you are loving the idea after reading about all of this, please feel free to come visit us at, if you are just curious to find out whether what we claimed here is true, you are also free to visit us at, and if you are not yet convinced after reading all this, please also go to and allow us to prove you wrong